The Future Is Here

About Our Technology

Scalable For Mass Adoption
The Singularity Internetwork

AI – quantum – blockchain fusion technology expands scalability with super intelligent and fast transactions, connections and opportunities at 100,000 x per second.

Quantum Security
A HackProof Blockchain

Quantum security and cryptography creates a high security,  hack proof platform designed to be quantum resistant by using quantum key distribution (QKD Protocol).

Optimized Performance
Hyperspeed and Transparent Solutions

From social media to online transactions, our platform focuses on true information automation and navigation to optimize performance for an enhanced user experience.


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Blockchain’s Golden Bridge

  • Uniting of blockchains and digital networks with a quantum interlink protocol
  • Integrates centralized and decentralized networks
  • Social, commerce, and info data are combined in one internetwork
  • Users have greater power to determine platform functionality

Quantum Master Node Hubs

UnaHub smart technology can exponentially expand into multiple niche hubs, allowing each to integrate and interlink to one another while remaining independent. This is done by connecting master node hubs. These function in a similar way as current satellites transmit information.

  • Capacity to tap the $100 trillion marketplace
  • Allows greater navigation through AI
  • Interactive links to all hubs
  • Exponential expansion through a UnaHub internetwork
Unahub All In One Internetwork

An Infrastructure Based on Smart Design

Our infrastructure is designed to combine social media, information and commerce while organizing all big data into niche hubs. It also offers more user functionality with a platform to interconnect blockchains.  Our smart design, using AI, blockchain and quantum algorithms creates greater interchanges at hyperspeed.


* New, smart organization platform with niche classifications
* Expands social media function into hubs and categories
* Social media interlinks to blockchain
* Expanded privacy and high security features
* Official social platforms for institution, corporations, govt.
* Interacts with info and commerce platforms
* Introduces smart, personal contracts for social domains


* Expands consumer choices to online – offline purchases
* Use of AI – IA for consumer direction
* Extends monetary transaction options
* Simplifies and personalizes commerce experience
* Multi – payment gateway options
* Interactive link to social and info platforms
* Quantum security features
* Smart legal contracts


* Navigates Users to Direct info
* Hyperspeeds information processes with AI – IA
* Big data search by location and category
* Interlinks with blockchain
* Interactive interlink to commerce and social media
* Global big data inclusion search system
* True information automation

Our Current Hubs

UnaHub is a core network that expands into several hubs, each which helps to organize and navigate through information with a powerful, innovative technical solution

The Future of Work Is Here

UnaWork is a complete virtual management office, allowing users to work with sophisticated technologies for strategic approaches to working online.

Transforming Your Approach to Health

UnaHealth provides a complete and comprehensive system for information and commerce relating to the vast industry of health.

Next Level Education

As education becomes virtual, UnaHub is able to support the courses and educational. measures that are required. Whether for additional learning or institutions, UnaEd provides a complete system to navigate through the educational system

Hubs for Institutional Partnerships

Building transparency and trust

UnaGov is designed to create transparency and trust among citizens of every country. With true information as well as government interactivity, it changes the way we view and work with government bodies.

Bridging Financial Solutions

UnaBank offers comprehensive solutions for the banking industry, while supporting alternative payment methods such as cryptocurrencies. We assist with building trust and transparency among banking institutions.

What We Say


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