2020 Projections for UnaHub’s Platform: Binance’s IEO and More

For the year 2020, UnaHub is projecting rapid momentum with the technical aspects and fundraising for the cryptocurrency, UnaGold.

2019 was filled with masterminding and looking at positioning for UnaHub to properly fit into the optimum position for mass adoption. A dynamic plan was developed to accelerate the project.

Projections For 2020

To launch into the year 2020, UnaHub is focusing on two major facets of the development of the platform.

Technical Developments: Planning and wireframes for UnaHub took place in 2019 and will be implemented as a combination of demos and videos. This will assist in breaking down the many functions of UnaHub while explaining how it is able to advance the blockchain ecosystem.

By May of 2020, it is expected that UnaHub will have a working demo in place as well as several functional videos that walk interested parties through the disruptive and game-changing aspects of UnaHub. This will walk interested parties through a private access demo to understand how the blockchain platform works as an internetwork.

The technical specifications include a showcase of the social media interactivity in relation to the UnaGold wallet as well as the quantum applications to advance the power of social networking.

By December of 2020, UnaHub’s first layer will be ready for mass adoption. This will be inclusive of social networking and pre-sets for the other internetwork hubs. Users will be able to adapt to the UnaGold token as well as interact with the blockchain system.

Sales & IEO With Binance: The private sale for UnaHub has been re-vamped and is now re-open for those interested in the UnaGold token, starting December 26, 2019.

In conjunction with the private sale, UnaHub is setting up an IEO with Binance to launch the platform. The company has already passed due diligence and voting approval and is now in the process of working on the IEO platform. The company’s positive review stated that UnaHub was developing “the future of cryptocurrencies.”

After the IEO with Binance is successfully completed, UnaHub will follow with a combination of private sales and other IEO platforms to compliment Binance and the expected results. This will amplify the technical system while allowing more integration with the quantum – AI – blockchain platform.

Partnerships: To work with more fluidity in UnaHub, a partnership program is being organized for 2020 with the expectation that several partners will be able to complement the platform. Connections to other blockchain organizations and companies, technical teams and those interested in involvement with UnaHub are currently being formulated to leverage the project and to move forward.

UnaHub’s expectations for the year 2020 are now in process to build momentum while building the internetwork of the future.

If you are interested in assisting with the development of UnaHub, please contact us at info (at) unahub.net.