Information and Blockchain? How Structure Changes Transparency of Data

Our world is still continuing to adapt to the relevancy of data, especially in terms of big data. As information overload takes place on one side, technology embraces eating the amoung of big data that is currently being fed into the Internet.

The gap between consumption of data by individuals in society and technical demands for more information is leading to two problems… information overload and filtered data that has a state of irrelevancy.

As big data moves into a fast paced, growing demand, there is the need to change our interface and relationship to information.

Organization of Big Data

Most have seen data breaches and issues with transparent information. Most will weigh in the possibilities of corporations being responsible for the lack of data in the right place or right time.

The reality is, big data needs to be organized. There is currently not a framework that demands that the interface of data be used in a way that is congruent and available in a way that is categorized.

When big data can be organized, it completely changes how we interface with the information. This creates new possibilities, such as:

  • Transparency of information
  • Ability to have direction to the right data
  • New uses of knowledge that drive forward the economy
  • Navigation to correct information
  • Less manipulation of data and it’s uses

Organization alone changes the interface and the structure in which every individual, corporation and community uses information. As a result, we are guided and evolve into a positive relationship with knowledge, developing a different outcome to the big data which we currently have.

Big Data and the Blockchain?

To properly organize information, the infrastructure and interface require the correct approach.

While most state that blockchian is still in it’s infancy, there are greater opportunities to organize information and work with big data when using the blockchain.

When combining blockchain with the proper algorithms, such as quantum technologies, there is the ability to combine the least common denominators of reaching transparent information.

This is the revolutionary aspect of UnaHub and it’s ability to counteract the current interface with data. The combination of a proper infrastructure with state-of-the-art technologies equates to an act of intelligence that can transform society.

As our interdependence on technology grows, there is a responsibility to change the presentation. That presentation must create an interface with big data and infrastructures that benefits everyone who relies on technical aspects for their livelihood.

Turning white noise into a navigational system to direct information is a large leap for the technical world. At the end of the leap, is a quantum shift into positive evolution based on our interface with knowledge and the power it brings to each individual.