Combining Quantum, AI and Blockchain for Social Media

The efficiency of most technical platforms today lacks in the bridge between functionality and user applications. With the algorithms and overarching configuration, are limitations that most experience when using the platforms.

The problematic behaviours that are created with the current stigma are furthered with the data breaches and programs which have access to user information. At the same time, data which is transmitted back to consumers is misleading and not informative, creating chaotic responses within the community.

What Is a Quantum Blockchain?

The quantum applications and algorithms which can be used with technical platforms have the capacity of altering the current status quo of the Internet.

The solution is with the foundational approach used with the quantum algorithm. Technical platforms have one function that serves one purpose and gets one results. Quantum algorithms change this with the capacity for qubits and nodes to go to the most relevant information and to expand the use of data and functionality into a 3D experience.

When this is combined with anonymity, it offers an expansive and powerful network that is able to change how we interact online and what the potential is for connectivity.

Phase 1 UnaHub Prototype: Social Interactivity

For user case proof, UnaHub is currently developing a Phase 1 user based prototype. This will combine AI, quantum applications and blockchain into the platform. As this develops, it will interlink with other platforms – something which is only possible with the use of quantum based applications.

The diagram below identifies the dissemination that AI will be able to make with the social interactions as the central feature, offering complete organization and multi-layered functionality within the social network.


1. Organised Information.

At the foundational vision of Unahub is the capacity to organize information. The humorous functionality which now exists is when someone places a picture on social media to have their grandmother respond. This restricted application has led to users quickly declining in interest.

With AI and blockchain, there is the capacity to create anonymity with social interactions while integrating organisational data within the platform. The current wire frame of UnaHub creates a unique user experience and flow of information, offering expanded opportunities to connect and meet with organised groups and users.

2. A social blockchain.

UnaHub’s design projects anonymity with a policy to never breach data or have access to user data. Working with a social blockchain further ensures that this is a possibility.

While there is a bridge and continuum between the blockchain and a centralised network, users have complete control over their personalised data and their ability to use and monitor this as their individual right. While the centralisation stops certain behaviours and activities, UnaHub takes out the big brother approach that is identified with many technology companies today.

3. Quantum interlinking.

Quantum applications allow users to move from 1 possibility to several. With the interlinking capacity, there is the ability to shift groups, interchange information and to find the most relevant social networks for one’s interests or needs.

To display this in the phase 1 prototype, 1 interlinking hub will be created for user access and to identify how users will be able to use the applications for global impact. The UnaHelp project offers social campaigns to take place which assist with massive transformation globally. The quantum interlink connects users to these campaigns while identifying the social networks which are most relevant to each cause. AI will identify the social impact by locality and interest, combined with user interactivity through the quantum network to expand the level of global impact taking place.

4. Data transference.

In the Phase 2 prototype, UnaHub will expand to other hubs which interlink and use quantum applications for data. This includes an expansion of interlinking networks which take place through social applications and other hubs. It also introduces social – e-commerce applications, in which friends and family can share what they find online for better use cases and whether it is what they need.

This transformative association with social applications for data will begin to expand how we look at and use data, allowing the social fabric to construct the importance of true information and how it relates to specific groups of users.

The Socio – Cultural Applications of Quantum Networking

In most online networks, there are studies for anxiety and fear that are a result of the reactions which take place.

The functionality of the technology is at the root of many of these issues. With only one possibility for publishing and working with data, users react in a different way. Not seeing the clear, holistic picture that relates to the socio – cultural applications of life is developing the negative user responses.

When functionality changes there is a holistic approach to the socio – cultural identity which begins to emerge. Users are able to look at different layers of their social networks, targeting what fits their needs and interests while creating purpose driven interactions.

Similar to social undertakings in which there is intent driven purposes for networking, friendships and family connections, the quantum, AI combination invites the multi-dimensional interactions to take place online.

While user interaction remains at the heart of the socio – cultural applications, quantum networking uses will drive more possibilities to connect, interact and to network at different levels and layers – one which today’s technology has not yet been able to mirror or construct.

The Phase 1 prototype functionality introduces the following functions:

  • Introduce users to a mutli-faceted social network
  • Create user cases based on anonymity within a social network
  • Use quantum applications for more user functions
  • Expand the possibilities of social media for a mirror of the socio – cultural fabric within society
  • Organize conversations, groups and users with AI and user preferences
  • Offer a space for mass adoption of the UnaGold token through the use of the social network
  • Interlink capacity between hubs and info / commerce (to bridge to phase 2).

Join our network to see the progress we are making with the UnaHub Phase 1 social network.