Cryptocurrency Adaptation and UnaHub’s Social Media Platform

The capacity to earn and use Bitcoin is coming into fruition through trading platforms and exchanges. For consumer adaptation, there is a marginalised interest and limited uses for those that are applying cryptocurrencies to consumer behaviours.

Cryptocurrencies are slowly beginning to arise with SIM card purchases, online or digital consumption or technical platforms that have the ability to use and maintain the use of Bitcoin and mainstream cryptocurrencies. However, it is not yet taking the front and centre interest of mass adaptation.

Moving From Marginalized to Mass Adoption

The ability to use cryptocurrencies can extend beyond the marginalised use of today. The monetary system of the future is able to provide more opportunities for those that are interested in the use of cryptocurrencies.

For mass adaptation to take place, there is the need to look further with how cryptocurrencies can be used as well as where they are accessible at.

The beginning operations and functions of UnaHub’s social media platform create a design in which individual’s can start earning and using cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC and UNG tokens) within the platform.

By adding in this extra feature, it allows businesses to begin adapting other forms of cryptocurrencies.  It also allows users who are not mining or trading to have access to using and adapting to the tokens they are interested in.

Creating a platform with an internetwork – combining social media, information and e-commerce – and applying cryptocurrencies with blockchain applications, is a way to create useful functionality that can be adapted by users with cryptocurrencies.

How UnaHub’s Platform Uses Cryptocurrencies

  1. Reward System. For the introductory phase, a reward system is offered to users, providing tokens for those who join and use the platform. The “mining” changes to use of the platform with social interactions, allowing users to begin earning and using cryptocurrencies within the site.
  2. The revolving door. The quantum applications that interface with UnaHub create a revolving door. This allows users to change from FIAT to cryptocurrency systems and back. The ease of use within each case gives more opportunities to use the monetary exchange of choice and convenience.
  3. User control and anonymity. Each monetary system has different functions and. controls. At times, users may want to apply this in their transactions, while others have a sense of inconvenience. With the UnaGold revolving door, users have a choice of how and when their monetary choice is used – either anonymously or in relation to a central system.
  4. Purchasing on the blockchain. An internetwork platform that combines e-commerce with social media also opens more purchasing power for users. When this is interlinked with a blockchain and cryptocurrency functions, it allows purchasing of almost any product to be available through the site. Our interlinking system gives purchasing power to users while offering more user adaptation to the tokens which are used.
  5. Equilibrium and fluidity. UnaHub is founded on creating an equilibrium with the blockchain while identifying ways that cryptocurrencies can be used for mass adaptation. By creating quantum interlinks and a protocol which allows users to work with tokens based on purchasing activity, it creates more fluidity and an equilibrium within the platform.

 Unique Attributes of the UnaGold Token

UnaGold serves as the revolving door on the UnaHub platform. While users are rewarded with and able to mine the token, there is also a fluidity with this token between FIAT and the token.

The UnaGold token differs from other currencies because of its primary applications on the UnaHub protocol. It works with social media, e-commerce and information instantaneously. It is multi-layered, specifically with the consumption power and interchange which is used.

The blockchain development of UnaGold in phase 2 expands beyond the attributes of rewards and the basic wallet use of the token. A vault system, as well as multi-level wallet, is available for extra security of the token. This assists with not only the monetary exchange, but offers different attributes with how UnaGold functions in relation to the use of different forms of cryptocurrency or FIAT.

By embedding different layers to a wallet, security is enhanced and users are able to move toward a different level of anonymity and fluidity within their own monetary needs.

The fluidity and capacity with UnaGold token offers unique approaches to assist with the momentum of cryptocurrency, introducing a next generation approach to adaptation and the use of cryptocurrencies.