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UnaHub’s smart design has a specific approach which supports the changes in the surrounding environment. It’s state-of-the-art technologies offer support for the now necessary technology that many require.

One component of UnaHub is a management system which interlinks with each of the organizational and navigational systems, UnaWork. This particular hub combines the same components of AI – blockchain – and quantum applications with the capacity to manage and work with teams online, find work, and to connect to supply chain management.

Click here to view UnaWork.

Launch of UnaWork Prototype

UnaHub has officially launched a prototype and syndication of how the smart design will work to assist with virtual management. The technology is integrative for management and offers several features which are currently unavailable for virtual work and management through technologies.

It is now in a pre-launch phase for user testing, with the expectation to have the technology available by the end of 2021.

UnaWork highlights the need to be integrative with communication, team management, video, and executive levels of high-level analysis and strategy. It pushes the envelop to a new way of working online while focusing on large corporations to entrepreneurs, all which can effectively and impactfully use the software system.


1. All-Inclusive Executive Management. Many of today’s platforms separate hiring processes, meetings, management of documents, and necessary analysis and strategy. UnaWork bridges this into a completely integrative platform.

2. Use of Blockchain. While demands for being online are growing, many businesses are unable to cater to the lack of privacy and data practices. UnaWork integrates the blockchain for privacy of documents, smart contracts, and confidentiality of high level activities within a business.

3. AI and Analysis. Within each executive level and management system, UnaWork highlights the analysis and statistics every business needs. Information is discerned through AI and provides company reports for finance, supply chain, team projects to management, and other important factions for business.

4. Quantum Applications. UnaWork integrates a hiring platform as well as the capacity to navigate to best talent available. It also uses quantum applications for team management and development.

5. Video and Meeting Integration. UnaWork holds all information under one platform. This means that meetings automatically connect through the hub, and also interlink to archives, documents, important projects, and other needed information.

6. Interlinking systems. UnaWork is often referred to as the “sibling site” of UnaHub. It provides an interlink back to UnaWork. Companies can share public documents directly into the information hub of choice. There’s also the capacity to use the commerce of UnaHub, then use the supply chain management system of UnaWork to offer faster responses from users.

These are some of the many features offered through UnaWork. It offers an integrative, all-inclusive network in conjunction with UnaHub.

The software system is now avaialble for investors and partners who are interested in bringing in the future of work.

Contact Us for Information.

Joining the Future of Work

Go Virtual

UnaWork not only offers a sophisticated infrastructure to provide the inclusivity of remote work. There are also other factions which will assist with job creation and development.

1. Brand Ambassadors. A training and development program is being offered through UnaWork for those who wish to assist others to go virtual. This allows trained individuals to work as contractors to assist corporations and businesses to get online with UnaWork.  They will offer training and development to companies for user adaptation as well as provide support to integrate online activities.

2. New and Defined Business Models. UnaWork is interested in forward-thinking, innovative approaches that allow technology to transform our current state in society. Business models which incorporate new ways of working are being added as a part of the training and development, such as hybrid businesses and networking systems. As individuals use UnaWork, they will have the capacity to change their operations and management in relation to the use of technology.

3. Go Virtual. Currently released, Go Virtual is a series of courses which highlights how small businesses and individuals can begin to get online. Go Virtual is now available for those interested in building ther knowledge base surrounding the future of work.Take a Go Virtual Course.

Visitors to the UnaWork site are welcome to take the free webinar, highlighting the hybrid model and the ability to go into the future of work.

Visit UnaWork.

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“Broken Information Systems” and the Rise of a New Paradigm Structure https://unahub.net/new-information-systems/ https://unahub.net/new-information-systems/#respond Mon, 18 May 2020 05:34:13 +0000 http://unahub.net/?p=1255 By Brooke Hart

At the heart of many issues being magnified today are “broken information systems.” In Bill Clinton’s recent Commencement Address for 2020, “In This Together,” he highlights one of the many core problems coming into play and contributing to a system that needs a sore upgrade.

“Seething resentments and a broken information system have empowered those who – for profit and power for themselves – are willing to inflame our worst instincts. It’s put your future, our democracy, and our very planet at risk.” Bill Clinton’s Commencement Address, 2020 “In This Together”

The question becomes what and how the system of information has been broken and how it has impacted the global community. Understanding core issues will also widen the understanding of how to infiltrate a new system that is accurate, reliable, and which creates a continuous sense of transparency for the global community.

Exploring the Depth of Broken Information Systems

While Clinton made a strong statement relating to broken information systems, there are many layers to the core problem of systemic failure that is impacting society.

The ability to access general and true information, as well as withholding other forms of data from the general public, is one of the issues which are central to today’s society. The current pandemic has showcased how this has led to states of confusion as well as the inability to find transparency. The issue creates a response system that is related to one’s personal well-being, changes relationships within society, and dents into the global community.

The policies which are at the heart of information systems are followed by the placement of information and how this is able to psychologically shift one’s perspective. As many know, placement is key to increase the response systems of individuals. By changing the wording with information as well as the general relationship to design, there is a creation of something more powerful than a sword – the use of wording and how one relates to it.

Of course, the displays and presentation of content are a core issue that is superseded by a technical algorithm, held in the power of those who have determined the best use policies of the technical applications. These have become responsible for presentation, placement, and transparency. The algorithm creates confusion and a structure that heightens misinformation.

This approach alone has the power to disseminate information when individuals do not, creating a lack of transparency and inability to decipher the relationship between opinion, commentary, paid data, and true information.

The core of information systems was designed to function in a specific way, using outdated methods for a global society that relies on data and information to understand their personal decisions and to engage within the global community. When this is driven by algorithms and policies alone, it creates veiled illusions that have a direct impact on the decisions we make as a whole.

Introducing the New Information Paradigm

What is now coming into the light is what the UnaHub founders have known for years, and through the envisioning of a new system, have created the state-of-the-art, new paradigm infrastructure. The focus and intention of UnaHub are to counteract the core issues which are at play, specifically with the understanding that as a whole, we are more reliant on data and information with our interactions within society.

1. Blockchain to quantum application transparency. New algorithmic structures within the blockchain are designed for transparency and anonymity. With this approach alone, it counteracts the issue of irrelevant or missing data, specifically creating new levels of discernment, transparency, and trust.

2. True information. The UnaHub infrastructure highlights true information, providing true sources as the central formula to gather data. The true information is discerned from the source and is read by AI. Related information is then discerned by relevancy to the true source, allowing users to understand facts first.

3. Categories and organization. It’s not possible for an end-user to have an experience and relationship to information without understanding what it is first. The library system organizes categories as well as fiction to non-fiction. Yet, the current information systems have little to no organization, developed only through resource allocation and policy acceptance. Without properly organizing sources, information, and relationships to true information, it is impossible for users to discern what is available, creating psychological confusion. The UnaHub AI, quantum application, blockchain system works through this issue, giving users the right to discern data that is available and how it can be used.

4. Free information adherence. The use of blockchain, quantum infrastructures override the current system to allow free information flow between users. While there is discernment through organization and categories, users have the right to gain access to all data and draw their conclusions. This approach creates transparency and evolution within society as a whole.

5. Hyperspeed transactions.  Data and information not only impacts the psychological association with how users and communities perceive information. Direct relationships to transactions and monetary figures are also changing within the community. Creating a relationship between data and currency, especially through blockchain practices, are able to alter the association and approach to information systems and our ability to have our well-being connected without confusion or loss.

Whoever Has the Data, Has the Power

Content is known to carry power that can change and shift power structures and those who reside in certain areas.

With the movement of information and data, we must look closely at who has the power over data and how this is used.

When the information is held within a certain structure, that entity holds a significant amount of power to use, manipulate, and transform the data in certain ways.

When the information is shared in P2P networks, such as the blockchain, and used with a structural system that integrates transparency and organization, the interaction of power foundationally changes.

It isn’t a mistake that big data is continuing to rise in industrial net worth and that reliance on AI and technical systems are gaining momentum and traction within the community.

But the question now is – how will we evolve the system? Now that we see the possibilities and potential of technology, our choices must become more conscious of how we interact with the entity of information and the way it molds and shapes society as a whole.

Now that the problem has been gracefully pointed out and set before us, our decision relies on how we decide to distribute and relate to content, data, and information that is presented to the global society.

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2020 Projections for UnaHub’s Platform: Binance’s IEO and More https://unahub.net/2020-projections-for-unahubs-platform-binances-ieo-and-more/ https://unahub.net/2020-projections-for-unahubs-platform-binances-ieo-and-more/#respond Thu, 26 Dec 2019 10:49:01 +0000 http://unahub.net/?p=1214 For the year 2020, UnaHub is projecting rapid momentum with the technical aspects and fundraising for the cryptocurrency, UnaGold.

2019 was filled with masterminding and looking at positioning for UnaHub to properly fit into the optimum position for mass adoption. A dynamic plan was developed to accelerate the project.

Projections For 2020

To launch into the year 2020, UnaHub is focusing on two major facets of the development of the platform.

Technical Developments: Planning and wireframes for UnaHub took place in 2019 and will be implemented as a combination of demos and videos. This will assist in breaking down the many functions of UnaHub while explaining how it is able to advance the blockchain ecosystem.

By May of 2020, it is expected that UnaHub will have a working demo in place as well as several functional videos that walk interested parties through the disruptive and game-changing aspects of UnaHub. This will walk interested parties through a private access demo to understand how the blockchain platform works as an internetwork.

The technical specifications include a showcase of the social media interactivity in relation to the UnaGold wallet as well as the quantum applications to advance the power of social networking.

By December of 2020, UnaHub’s first layer will be ready for mass adoption. This will be inclusive of social networking and pre-sets for the other internetwork hubs. Users will be able to adapt to the UnaGold token as well as interact with the blockchain system.

Sales & IEO With Binance: The private sale for UnaHub has been re-vamped and is now re-open for those interested in the UnaGold token, starting December 26, 2019.

In conjunction with the private sale, UnaHub is setting up an IEO with Binance to launch the platform. The company has already passed due diligence and voting approval and is now in the process of working on the IEO platform. The company’s positive review stated that UnaHub was developing “the future of cryptocurrencies.”

After the IEO with Binance is successfully completed, UnaHub will follow with a combination of private sales and other IEO platforms to compliment Binance and the expected results. This will amplify the technical system while allowing more integration with the quantum – AI – blockchain platform.

Partnerships: To work with more fluidity in UnaHub, a partnership program is being organized for 2020 with the expectation that several partners will be able to complement the platform. Connections to other blockchain organizations and companies, technical teams and those interested in involvement with UnaHub are currently being formulated to leverage the project and to move forward.

UnaHub’s expectations for the year 2020 are now in process to build momentum while building the internetwork of the future.

If you are interested in assisting with the development of UnaHub, please contact us at info (at) unahub.net.

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Cryptocurrency Adaptation and UnaHub’s Social Media Platform https://unahub.net/cryptocurrency-adaptation-and-unahubs-social-media-platform/ https://unahub.net/cryptocurrency-adaptation-and-unahubs-social-media-platform/#respond Sun, 24 Nov 2019 06:18:22 +0000 http://unahub.net/?p=1198 The capacity to earn and use Bitcoin is coming into fruition through trading platforms and exchanges. For consumer adaptation, there is a marginalised interest and limited uses for those that are applying cryptocurrencies to consumer behaviours.

Cryptocurrencies are slowly beginning to arise with SIM card purchases, online or digital consumption or technical platforms that have the ability to use and maintain the use of Bitcoin and mainstream cryptocurrencies. However, it is not yet taking the front and centre interest of mass adaptation.

Moving From Marginalized to Mass Adoption

The ability to use cryptocurrencies can extend beyond the marginalised use of today. The monetary system of the future is able to provide more opportunities for those that are interested in the use of cryptocurrencies.

For mass adaptation to take place, there is the need to look further with how cryptocurrencies can be used as well as where they are accessible at.

The beginning operations and functions of UnaHub’s social media platform create a design in which individual’s can start earning and using cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC and UNG tokens) within the platform.

By adding in this extra feature, it allows businesses to begin adapting other forms of cryptocurrencies.  It also allows users who are not mining or trading to have access to using and adapting to the tokens they are interested in.

Creating a platform with an internetwork – combining social media, information and e-commerce – and applying cryptocurrencies with blockchain applications, is a way to create useful functionality that can be adapted by users with cryptocurrencies.

How UnaHub’s Platform Uses Cryptocurrencies

  1. Reward System. For the introductory phase, a reward system is offered to users, providing tokens for those who join and use the platform. The “mining” changes to use of the platform with social interactions, allowing users to begin earning and using cryptocurrencies within the site.
  2. The revolving door. The quantum applications that interface with UnaHub create a revolving door. This allows users to change from FIAT to cryptocurrency systems and back. The ease of use within each case gives more opportunities to use the monetary exchange of choice and convenience.
  3. User control and anonymity. Each monetary system has different functions and. controls. At times, users may want to apply this in their transactions, while others have a sense of inconvenience. With the UnaGold revolving door, users have a choice of how and when their monetary choice is used – either anonymously or in relation to a central system.
  4. Purchasing on the blockchain. An internetwork platform that combines e-commerce with social media also opens more purchasing power for users. When this is interlinked with a blockchain and cryptocurrency functions, it allows purchasing of almost any product to be available through the site. Our interlinking system gives purchasing power to users while offering more user adaptation to the tokens which are used.
  5. Equilibrium and fluidity. UnaHub is founded on creating an equilibrium with the blockchain while identifying ways that cryptocurrencies can be used for mass adaptation. By creating quantum interlinks and a protocol which allows users to work with tokens based on purchasing activity, it creates more fluidity and an equilibrium within the platform.

 Unique Attributes of the UnaGold Token

UnaGold serves as the revolving door on the UnaHub platform. While users are rewarded with and able to mine the token, there is also a fluidity with this token between FIAT and the token.

The UnaGold token differs from other currencies because of its primary applications on the UnaHub protocol. It works with social media, e-commerce and information instantaneously. It is multi-layered, specifically with the consumption power and interchange which is used.

The blockchain development of UnaGold in phase 2 expands beyond the attributes of rewards and the basic wallet use of the token. A vault system, as well as multi-level wallet, is available for extra security of the token. This assists with not only the monetary exchange, but offers different attributes with how UnaGold functions in relation to the use of different forms of cryptocurrency or FIAT.

By embedding different layers to a wallet, security is enhanced and users are able to move toward a different level of anonymity and fluidity within their own monetary needs.

The fluidity and capacity with UnaGold token offers unique approaches to assist with the momentum of cryptocurrency, introducing a next generation approach to adaptation and the use of cryptocurrencies.

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Will Blockchain Ultimately Fail? The Issue With Scalability and How To Solve It https://unahub.net/will-blockchain-ultimately-fail-the-issue-with-scalability-and-how-to-solve-it/ https://unahub.net/will-blockchain-ultimately-fail-the-issue-with-scalability-and-how-to-solve-it/#respond Sun, 03 Nov 2019 07:42:45 +0000 http://unahub.net/?p=1188 The emergence and growing appearance of the blockchain was based on one key factor that quickly built momentum – disruption.

The ability to disrupt the current Internet structure, the capacity to challenge finances with cryptocurrencies and an end game to anonymity became a driving surge that became recognized quickly.

But after the surge has changed position, there is a question of how successful blockchain is and whether it has the capacity to hold the disruption that was created.

Many of the called blockchains have either faltered or have turned to centralised platforms that still claim anonymity. And as regulations and a slap back from current systems continue, many of the blockchain ideals are having to manoeuvre differently.

While some blockchain is building, many are faltering to the way side, leaving one question…

Can Blockchain Scale?

Disruption must have a follow through. There must be a specific association with the technical system to showcase not only the emergence of something different, but also an infrastructure and platform that holds to growth.

Disruption without the vision or insight of growth simply becomes disruption for the sake of rebellion. And with resistance from other sides, the visionary insights of those who are interested in the change quickly becomes a challenge instead of a difference.

The key with the blockchain is how to move into well thought out formulas that can scale the formulas used.

When looking at the seeded conceptualisation of the blockchain, it does not emphasise growth. It does not emphasise mass adoption. And it doesn’t emphasise scalability.

These are key problems that the functionality in itself does not resolve, looking instead at focal points within each technical application that only highlights that one block.

For blockchain to scale, it requires an infrastructure and stronger foundation to build on. Without the strategic insights to look at growth and momentum, the disruption quickly becomes lost to regulations and other applications that do have structure.

The Blockchain Infrastructure

The vision of companies like EOS were founded on infrastructure, leading to some of the largest capital raises and deepest digs into how to build momentum and sustain the blockchain.

Infrastructures that focus on trading capacity also have the ability to create wider adaptability within the market.

But within both of these applications of blockchain, are some pieces which do not answer how to build the needed infrastructure on the blockchain to make it scalable and anonymous at the same time.

The new technical infrastructure which is scalable then relies on a new form of innovation to not only create disruption, but also to build a new type of momentum that can develop a different generation of technology.

Quantum Applications and Scalability

When there is a blockchain, functions will always be limited within that block.

When combining blockchain with quantum applications, the game changes. There is the capacity to build scalability.


  1. A + B does not = C. Quantum is a much more complex algorithm than the current blockchain. And this ultimately changes the functionality of the blockchain as well as the scalability. This means that the blockchain can remain anonymous, but by algorithm alone, users have the capacity to move further within the technical functions.
  2. Infrastructure that changes everything. The blockchain solves problems that are prominent today and which need to be showcased. However, the development of infrastructure continues to create road blocks within the system. By developing an infrastructure that is able to expand, there is the ability to alter the results of how the blockchain is used.
  3. The quantum scale. UnaHub promotes the quantum applications which can be applied today for many reasons. One is that it creates scalability by its algorithm. The second is that the infrastructure changes.

    Would if there is a need to have some form of centralisation? Would if there could be an equilibrium between the central and de-central applications of the Internet? Most are now finding that the need to have some centralisation is essential. But so is the decentralised movement.

    UnaHub’s golden bridge highlights the capacity to have both functions in one. This makes it scalable, while giving more user power to the infrastructure which is created. With this balance between the two concepts of power, there is the ability to challenge and change technical capacity and functionality for user mass adoption.

The Future of Blockchain

The blockchain experimentation and disruption has been successful. It has challenged the current functionality and altered the ideals through its approach to disruption.

But where it fell short was with the ability to carry through with the disruption by having scalability – this can only be achieved with the concept of infrastructure.

To create a blockchain infrastructure, there is the need to move one more step beyond the current movement, allowing another way to compliment the developments that have successfully taken place.

By identifying what is next for blockchain, there is the ability to go beyond and find a future generation of technology.

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Social Purposefulness with Technical Applications https://unahub.net/social-purposefulness-with-technical-applications/ https://unahub.net/social-purposefulness-with-technical-applications/#respond Sun, 27 Oct 2019 14:54:58 +0000 http://unahub.net/?p=1182 The social media platforms of today do not attribute functionality to purpose. Connecting to friends and family is limited by a wall and scrolling which does not apply to the complex social fabric that is associated with interactions.

As technology evolves beyond the blockchain and AI, there is a sense of social purpose and how this integrates into technical platforms.

Rather than using social media for technical socialisation, many are recognising that the lack of purposefulness and meaning within platforms also limits the capacity of those who are using technology.

Quantum Social Structures

With current technical infrastructures, there is a limitation to interactivity. One function to one interaction identifies a algebraic and elementary mathematical structure. While it has a superficial concept of “connectivity”, it lacks in the ability to have appropriate interfaces with others that is related to the socio – cultural constructs that exist in our living environment.

AI and robotics pull technology further away from the deeper social constructs within society while current infrastructure platforms cannot evolve beyond the current infrastructure and identity created.

This is the importance and relevance of quantum applications for online platforms. When combining quantum applications with social structures, there is the ability to alter interactions. We can connect to the social identity that is in our environment while expanding to other forms of socialisation which currently do not exist.

Quantum algorithms connect individuals with the fastest, most relevant data. When combined with AI structures and the blockchain, it integrates the common denominator to the social surrounding.

When this is applied, socialisation changes. It is no longer a picture or a post to highlight only the best. There are more ways to socialise and connect with others.

Expanding Technical Socialization

By expanding the reach and functionality of technical functions through quantum applications, social media becomes purposeful.

Individuals currently navigate through a wall of pictures.

With quantum applications, they navigate through a civilised, technical infrastructure. One with data, commerce, interactions and layers of social constructs that can be used.

There is the ability to create a sense of purpose behind the interactions, specifically by interlinking and connecting the data of individuals to the social constructer which is required.

UnaHub’s Prototype Sample

UnaHub introduces hubs that interlink to the main UnaHub. Within the first sample prototype is a construct of socialisation, inclusive of navigation for relevant socialisation using AI and infrastructure while allowing individuals to have deeper, more meaningful conversations.

To expand on this sample, UnaHub’s social network will interlink with UnaHelp, one of several hubs which offer connectivity on a global platform. The first phase experiments with UnaHelp as a social construct and to identify how much can be done through a social platform.

The UnaHelp structure interlinks by specific “help” based issues which take place at a global level. Individuals then are able to take a social position within these specific issues. Action based items are available to assist those that are using the network, combined with the capacity to become involved differently with the social impact projects interlinked with the socialisation with a purpose.

Not only does this demonstrate the power of technology, but the use of AI and quantum applications will be used to identify specific pieces of data and drive individuals to the related help based social issues.

The prototype sample will identify exactly how many levels can be used with quantum applications and social networking to create “real time” results that offer high level social impact. More important, it showcases how socialisation can be used with technological interfaces for a logical and meaningful association with functionality.

Creating the Global Technical Interface

When this type of application is combined with different interfaces, which expand by hub and advanced technical functions, it is able to change technical interfaces as well as social experiences.

No longer does the social media limit or isolate individuals, but instead has the capacity to stimulate and bring individuals together in a different frame of possibilities.

It is the acknowledgement of the social fabric of cultures, combined with how technology can best compliment the human experience that allows technology to have a powerful association and impact on the global community.

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UnaGold’s Token Plan for Mass Adoption with Quantum Applications https://unahub.net/unagolds-token-plan-for-mass-adoption-with-quantum-applications/ https://unahub.net/unagolds-token-plan-for-mass-adoption-with-quantum-applications/#respond Sun, 20 Oct 2019 12:04:10 +0000 http://unahub.net/?p=1179 With the launch of the UnaGold token, are unique applications designed to set the token apart from other cryptocurrencies. The applications available with the token as well as the development which it is destined to take offers a doorway to mass adoption and scalability of the token.

Multi-Layered Uses

Today’s use of cryptocurrency is based on the ability to exchange, with some who are looking at commerce interactions. However, the overall use of cryptocurrencies is limited in the ability to store, use and turn the interactions with exchanges.

By providing an interlinking platform, UnaGold is able to extend the available applications with the cryptocurrency, offering unique interactivity as well as different uses within the platform.

The digital value is similar to a “savings” or “holdings” account, providing the ability to offer valuable items in one storage space.

Purchase power extends with personal banks. These have multi-layered security with the quantum applications of the blockchain while offering more personal power to individuals. Unlike wallets, they provide more cryptocurrency management applications for those interested in security and interactivity within their accounts.

The basic level of the UnaGold token is with wallets, specifically which filters to the purchases and consumer exchanges.

Each of the layers within the UnaGold transactions provides more interactivity with the quantum applications, specifically which extends security with transactions as well as the ability to interact between the vault to wallet with not only UnaGold, but also with other forms of cryptocurrencies.

Inviting In Multiple Use Cryptocurrencies

While UnaGold token extends with the ability to remain decentralised, there are components which allow interactions to take place within a balanced equilibrium, specifically by looking at the institutions which can interact with the cryptocurrencies.

Vaults are available within the internetwork, divided with individual use as well as for institutional use. This provides wider, mass adoption while balancing between institutions and consumers. Government and banking bodies are able to use the cryptocurrencies for better use and for different components.

Our unique quantum applications invite different layers of security and interactions while creating anonymity with the use of the cryptocurrencies.

The Revolving Door

Those who use the UnaGold internetwork will have the capacity of using our revolving door. The interchange between FIAT and cryptocurrencies provides more interactivity between the different solutions.

Not only is there a wider application with the UnaGold internetwork for these applications, it also offers more components with mass adoption.

With the initial release of UnaGold’s platform, individuals will have access to use the token within the platform while trading within others.

More important, there is the ability to combine the blockchain applications with quantum uses, offering a different interchange with the token.

All token exchanges, trades and purchases are backed by the reserve fund in UnaHub, specifically maintaining 10% of all transactions that take place on the site. This safeguards the token, purchases and the potential threats which could occur.

Combining these interfaces with quantum applications assists with further development of the UnaGold token.

https://unahub.net/unagolds-token-plan-for-mass-adoption-with-quantum-applications/feed/ 0 1179
Combining Quantum, AI and Blockchain for Social Media https://unahub.net/combining-quantum-ai-and-blockchain-for-social-media/ https://unahub.net/combining-quantum-ai-and-blockchain-for-social-media/#respond Sun, 13 Oct 2019 08:59:59 +0000 http://unahub.net/?p=1160 The efficiency of most technical platforms today lacks in the bridge between functionality and user applications. With the algorithms and overarching configuration, are limitations that most experience when using the platforms.

The problematic behaviours that are created with the current stigma are furthered with the data breaches and programs which have access to user information. At the same time, data which is transmitted back to consumers is misleading and not informative, creating chaotic responses within the community.

What Is a Quantum Blockchain?

The quantum applications and algorithms which can be used with technical platforms have the capacity of altering the current status quo of the Internet.

The solution is with the foundational approach used with the quantum algorithm. Technical platforms have one function that serves one purpose and gets one results. Quantum algorithms change this with the capacity for qubits and nodes to go to the most relevant information and to expand the use of data and functionality into a 3D experience.

When this is combined with anonymity, it offers an expansive and powerful network that is able to change how we interact online and what the potential is for connectivity.

Phase 1 UnaHub Prototype: Social Interactivity

For user case proof, UnaHub is currently developing a Phase 1 user based prototype. This will combine AI, quantum applications and blockchain into the platform. As this develops, it will interlink with other platforms – something which is only possible with the use of quantum based applications.

The diagram below identifies the dissemination that AI will be able to make with the social interactions as the central feature, offering complete organization and multi-layered functionality within the social network.


1. Organised Information.

At the foundational vision of Unahub is the capacity to organize information. The humorous functionality which now exists is when someone places a picture on social media to have their grandmother respond. This restricted application has led to users quickly declining in interest.

With AI and blockchain, there is the capacity to create anonymity with social interactions while integrating organisational data within the platform. The current wire frame of UnaHub creates a unique user experience and flow of information, offering expanded opportunities to connect and meet with organised groups and users.

2. A social blockchain.

UnaHub’s design projects anonymity with a policy to never breach data or have access to user data. Working with a social blockchain further ensures that this is a possibility.

While there is a bridge and continuum between the blockchain and a centralised network, users have complete control over their personalised data and their ability to use and monitor this as their individual right. While the centralisation stops certain behaviours and activities, UnaHub takes out the big brother approach that is identified with many technology companies today.

3. Quantum interlinking.

Quantum applications allow users to move from 1 possibility to several. With the interlinking capacity, there is the ability to shift groups, interchange information and to find the most relevant social networks for one’s interests or needs.

To display this in the phase 1 prototype, 1 interlinking hub will be created for user access and to identify how users will be able to use the applications for global impact. The UnaHelp project offers social campaigns to take place which assist with massive transformation globally. The quantum interlink connects users to these campaigns while identifying the social networks which are most relevant to each cause. AI will identify the social impact by locality and interest, combined with user interactivity through the quantum network to expand the level of global impact taking place.

4. Data transference.

In the Phase 2 prototype, UnaHub will expand to other hubs which interlink and use quantum applications for data. This includes an expansion of interlinking networks which take place through social applications and other hubs. It also introduces social – e-commerce applications, in which friends and family can share what they find online for better use cases and whether it is what they need.

This transformative association with social applications for data will begin to expand how we look at and use data, allowing the social fabric to construct the importance of true information and how it relates to specific groups of users.

The Socio – Cultural Applications of Quantum Networking

In most online networks, there are studies for anxiety and fear that are a result of the reactions which take place.

The functionality of the technology is at the root of many of these issues. With only one possibility for publishing and working with data, users react in a different way. Not seeing the clear, holistic picture that relates to the socio – cultural applications of life is developing the negative user responses.

When functionality changes there is a holistic approach to the socio – cultural identity which begins to emerge. Users are able to look at different layers of their social networks, targeting what fits their needs and interests while creating purpose driven interactions.

Similar to social undertakings in which there is intent driven purposes for networking, friendships and family connections, the quantum, AI combination invites the multi-dimensional interactions to take place online.

While user interaction remains at the heart of the socio – cultural applications, quantum networking uses will drive more possibilities to connect, interact and to network at different levels and layers – one which today’s technology has not yet been able to mirror or construct.

The Phase 1 prototype functionality introduces the following functions:

  • Introduce users to a mutli-faceted social network
  • Create user cases based on anonymity within a social network
  • Use quantum applications for more user functions
  • Expand the possibilities of social media for a mirror of the socio – cultural fabric within society
  • Organize conversations, groups and users with AI and user preferences
  • Offer a space for mass adoption of the UnaGold token through the use of the social network
  • Interlink capacity between hubs and info / commerce (to bridge to phase 2).

Join our network to see the progress we are making with the UnaHub Phase 1 social network.

https://unahub.net/combining-quantum-ai-and-blockchain-for-social-media/feed/ 0 1160
UnaHub Brings In Two New Advisors https://unahub.net/unahub-brings-in-two-new-advisors/ https://unahub.net/unahub-brings-in-two-new-advisors/#respond Sat, 14 Sep 2019 07:29:32 +0000 http://unahub.net/?p=1152 UnaHub brings in two new advisors for the launch of the quantum blockchain project. Each advisor is well-known in the cryptocurrency space for their acceleration and foresight into the new technologies.

Raj Chowdhury

Raj Chowdhury is a blockchain and Bitcoin pioneer. He founded and is the managing director of Hashcash Consultants, which is designed to assist enterprises to move and settle payments using the blockchain.

HashCash currently assists over 60 banks in 26 countries through it’s network to work with the blockchain for payments.

He also pioneered the interbank Trade Finance and Remittance implementation of blockchain. His active engagement is inclusive of working with policymakers for cryptocurrency as well as his voice in adoption of blockchain that has led to features in the Economic Times, Business World, Business Standard and CNN Money.

Chowdhury is the author of the book of “The Dark Secret of Silicon Valley.”  He has found startups with cryltoccurency exchanges, supply chain companies and payment processes. He is founder of Unification Energy and Power Enhancing Devices as well as Locus International, a GPS navigation company.

He is a member of Asha Silicon Valley, a nonprofit committed to education for children in emerging countries.

Chowdhury’s assistance to UnaHub expands to structural and implementation approaches for the blockchain, specifically with his strong expertise in financial, institutional cooperation.

Anthony Abunassar

Abunassar is an STO advisor as well as trader. He is well-known in the cryptocurrency field, specifically because of his financial advice. He currently works as a part of the Crypto Research Group AG in Zurich, Switzerland.

He was also a part of the Malta Blockchain Association, specialising in financial support..

Abunassar held positions as Vice President for J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs and PwC before specialising in cryptocurrency.

His strong financial background and interest in cryptocurrency will provide assistance to the UnaHub’s direction for backing and continuous growth.

https://unahub.net/unahub-brings-in-two-new-advisors/feed/ 0 1152
Mark Kreitzman Joins UnaHub as Advisor https://unahub.net/mark-kreitzman-joins-unahub-as-advisor/ https://unahub.net/mark-kreitzman-joins-unahub-as-advisor/#respond Tue, 08 Jan 2019 15:15:43 +0000 http://unahub.net/?p=1072 UnaHub is honored to announce Mark Krietzman joining UnaHub’s team as a strategic advisor .

Krietzman will provide global insight for marketing, development and growth of the UnaHub technology platform.

Krietzman is a member of the Silicon Valley Telecom Council and has over 25 years of experience with development, management and value add IT solutions.

Krietzman has developed two successful start-ups which have been acquired by Microsoft and Cisco systems. He has also assisted with building and executing go-to-market plans for new markets, providing support for early adoption stages.

He is an advisor to several technology startups in the blockchain, mobile and security space.  He has extensive experience in business development, channel development and alliance management.

His experience also includes VP of business development for Mobilize and Krietzman  has currently established a mobile marketing platform for ICO and cryptocurrency projects.

In conjunction with Krietzman’s extensive experience is the aditional support offered through CellBones Technologies.

CellBones will act as a marketing platform, specifically which offers news and marketing for blockchain and ICO projects while assisting with bounties, app installs and other promotional features for the blockchain industry.

View more about CellBones Technologies here.

Krietzman’s expertise and support to the UnaHub project adds dynamic power to UnaHub’s global advisory team while promoting a successful venture.

https://unahub.net/mark-kreitzman-joins-unahub-as-advisor/feed/ 0 1072