Get UnaGold with Metamask

Using Metamask for buying an ERC20 token is the easiest way to purchase. Please use Google Chrome Browser and an extension of Metamask.

If you dont have metamask, you can get a free extenstion from here.

You will be sent the tokens automatically upon completion of the payment. If you don’t receive tokens within 24 hours, Kindly send an email with your Transaction No. to, we will let you know shortly.

Gas Limit: 200000



Make sure that you send Ether from a wallet that supports ERC20 tokens or from an address for which you control the private key: Otherwise you will not be able to interact with the UNG tokens received. Do not send ETH directly from an exchange to the ICO address.

ETH WALLET ADDRESS: Enter the ETH Address you will be using for your purchase. Note: UnaGold Tokens can only be sent to the Wallet Address that you use to purchase UnaGold by sending Ethereum. Your ETH Wallet Address must be a local ERC20-supported wallet. Do not enter an address or send Ethereum to the UnaGold from an exchange (like Coinbase, Gdax, Binance, etc.). Send first to a Local ERC20-supported wallet. See below for our list of recommended wallets:

If you are using a Desktop Computer:
Our personal favorite ETH Wallet is MetaMask, which is installed on your computer as a Chrome Browser Extension. Here is a link to MetaMask’s website where you can download it: Another option is MyEtherWallet (

If you are using a Mobile Phone:
We recommend the ETH Wallet mobile app called “Trust”. Get the Trust App on the iOS App Store or Android Play Store. After that, then do this: 1) click “Wallet”, 2) click “Ethereum (ETH)” tab, 3) Click “Receive” and then “Copy wallet address”.

Important: DO NOT use an ETH Wallet Address from an Exchange such as Coinbase, Bittrex, Binance, or GDAX because they used shared wallets and your UnaGold will not be able to be credited to your own wallet address.