Mark Kreitzman Joins UnaHub as Advisor

UnaHub is honored to announce Mark Krietzman joining UnaHub’s team as a strategic advisor .

Krietzman will provide global insight for marketing, development and growth of the UnaHub technology platform.

Krietzman is a member of the Silicon Valley Telecom Council and has over 25 years of experience with development, management and value add IT solutions.

Krietzman has developed two successful start-ups which have been acquired by Microsoft and Cisco systems. He has also assisted with building and executing go-to-market plans for new markets, providing support for early adoption stages.

He is an advisor to several technology startups in the blockchain, mobile and security space.  He has extensive experience in business development, channel development and alliance management.

His experience also includes VP of business development for Mobilize and Krietzman  has currently established a mobile marketing platform for ICO and cryptocurrency projects.

In conjunction with Krietzman’s extensive experience is the aditional support offered through CellBones Technologies.

CellBones will act as a marketing platform, specifically which offers news and marketing for blockchain and ICO projects while assisting with bounties, app installs and other promotional features for the blockchain industry.

View more about CellBones Technologies here.

Krietzman’s expertise and support to the UnaHub project adds dynamic power to UnaHub’s global advisory team while promoting a successful venture.