New Opportunities for Exponential Growth

UnaHub Partnerships

UnaHub invites technicians, entrepreneurs, investors, consultants and marketers to be partners with the UnaHub internetwork.  Join our exciting new business model with hub equity partnerships which will promote thousands of new business enterprises.

After UnaHub mainframe is launched, you can become a partner in your niche hub DAPP or DAC business with interlink support from UnaHub internetwork.

UnaHub prides itself on partnership programs to develop and sustain our company. Our partners provide valuation to the project, offering substantial return and assisting with the growth and development of UnaHub.






Network and build our program throughout the globe. Looking for consultants who work with governments, banks and agencies to assist with the rapid growth of UnaHub.

Join our technical partnership program and help us to build the future. Our quantum blockchain offers state-of-the-art functions that will revolutionise how we interact with technology.





Co-brand with us and build a marketing partnership. When you work with UnaHub, you will gain traction with your own business, supporting the most cutting edge technology project today.

Show your influence with UnaHub. Our powerful platform allows you to project the new frontier of technology while identifying the best approaches to create massive, global influence.




Phase 2 Partnerships

During Phase 2, UnaHub will expand into co-partnership opportunities. We open our hub to any individuals interested in developing their own business and creating blockchain hubs from our quantum technology.


How It Works


  1. Technicians, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Marketers can apply as a joint partnership owner in UnaHub.
  2. Use our template and cutting-edge technology for a hub of your choice.
  3. Partners will be able to grow and develop their own hub, which then circulates into the UnaHub main frame.


Hub Partners We are Looking For





Be part owner in our hub that introduces everything health. Exercise, supplements, medical and more available with the expansive and growing industry.

Travel is one of the largest growing industries online. With your ownership in UnaTravel, you add extensive value to the world of crossing seas and assisting fellow travelers’ find their way to new experiences.





Showcase your passion with everything lifestyle. Highlight the best of living and how others can improve their lives with our UnaLive network.

If you have a passion for food, then this is your hub. Collect information on the best of food and connect to other foodies to enjoy the most of life’s nurturing treats.





Be a part of the future. When you co-partner with our tech hub, then you are able to look at the many attributes of innovation, while highlighting the best of innovation.

For the sports enthusiast, UnaSport allows you to show your passion. Be a part of the largest sports technology hub that showcases everything related to sports fans.