Social Purposefulness with Technical Applications

The social media platforms of today do not attribute functionality to purpose. Connecting to friends and family is limited by a wall and scrolling which does not apply to the complex social fabric that is associated with interactions.

As technology evolves beyond the blockchain and AI, there is a sense of social purpose and how this integrates into technical platforms.

Rather than using social media for technical socialisation, many are recognising that the lack of purposefulness and meaning within platforms also limits the capacity of those who are using technology.

Quantum Social Structures

With current technical infrastructures, there is a limitation to interactivity. One function to one interaction identifies a algebraic and elementary mathematical structure. While it has a superficial concept of “connectivity”, it lacks in the ability to have appropriate interfaces with others that is related to the socio – cultural constructs that exist in our living environment.

AI and robotics pull technology further away from the deeper social constructs within society while current infrastructure platforms cannot evolve beyond the current infrastructure and identity created.

This is the importance and relevance of quantum applications for online platforms. When combining quantum applications with social structures, there is the ability to alter interactions. We can connect to the social identity that is in our environment while expanding to other forms of socialisation which currently do not exist.

Quantum algorithms connect individuals with the fastest, most relevant data. When combined with AI structures and the blockchain, it integrates the common denominator to the social surrounding.

When this is applied, socialisation changes. It is no longer a picture or a post to highlight only the best. There are more ways to socialise and connect with others.

Expanding Technical Socialization

By expanding the reach and functionality of technical functions through quantum applications, social media becomes purposeful.

Individuals currently navigate through a wall of pictures.

With quantum applications, they navigate through a civilised, technical infrastructure. One with data, commerce, interactions and layers of social constructs that can be used.

There is the ability to create a sense of purpose behind the interactions, specifically by interlinking and connecting the data of individuals to the social constructer which is required.

UnaHub’s Prototype Sample

UnaHub introduces hubs that interlink to the main UnaHub. Within the first sample prototype is a construct of socialisation, inclusive of navigation for relevant socialisation using AI and infrastructure while allowing individuals to have deeper, more meaningful conversations.

To expand on this sample, UnaHub’s social network will interlink with UnaHelp, one of several hubs which offer connectivity on a global platform. The first phase experiments with UnaHelp as a social construct and to identify how much can be done through a social platform.

The UnaHelp structure interlinks by specific “help” based issues which take place at a global level. Individuals then are able to take a social position within these specific issues. Action based items are available to assist those that are using the network, combined with the capacity to become involved differently with the social impact projects interlinked with the socialisation with a purpose.

Not only does this demonstrate the power of technology, but the use of AI and quantum applications will be used to identify specific pieces of data and drive individuals to the related help based social issues.

The prototype sample will identify exactly how many levels can be used with quantum applications and social networking to create “real time” results that offer high level social impact. More important, it showcases how socialisation can be used with technological interfaces for a logical and meaningful association with functionality.

Creating the Global Technical Interface

When this type of application is combined with different interfaces, which expand by hub and advanced technical functions, it is able to change technical interfaces as well as social experiences.

No longer does the social media limit or isolate individuals, but instead has the capacity to stimulate and bring individuals together in a different frame of possibilities.

It is the acknowledgement of the social fabric of cultures, combined with how technology can best compliment the human experience that allows technology to have a powerful association and impact on the global community.