The Future of Work Is Here: UnaHub Launch of UnaWork

2020 has shifted perspective, demands, and the approaches which many are using for business and lifestyle. As changes have occurred, the prevalence and demand for new and innovative technologies is essential, growing each day.

UnaHub’s smart design has a specific approach which supports the changes in the surrounding environment. It’s state-of-the-art technologies offer support for the now necessary technology that many require.

One component of UnaHub is a management system which interlinks with each of the organizational and navigational systems, UnaWork. This particular hub combines the same components of AI – blockchain – and quantum applications with the capacity to manage and work with teams online, find work, and to connect to supply chain management.

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Launch of UnaWork Prototype

UnaHub has officially launched a prototype and syndication of how the smart design will work to assist with virtual management. The technology is integrative for management and offers several features which are currently unavailable for virtual work and management through technologies.

It is now in a pre-launch phase for user testing, with the expectation to have the technology available by the end of 2021.

UnaWork highlights the need to be integrative with communication, team management, video, and executive levels of high-level analysis and strategy. It pushes the envelop to a new way of working online while focusing on large corporations to entrepreneurs, all which can effectively and impactfully use the software system.


1. All-Inclusive Executive Management. Many of today’s platforms separate hiring processes, meetings, management of documents, and necessary analysis and strategy. UnaWork bridges this into a completely integrative platform.

2. Use of Blockchain. While demands for being online are growing, many businesses are unable to cater to the lack of privacy and data practices. UnaWork integrates the blockchain for privacy of documents, smart contracts, and confidentiality of high level activities within a business.

3. AI and Analysis. Within each executive level and management system, UnaWork highlights the analysis and statistics every business needs. Information is discerned through AI and provides company reports for finance, supply chain, team projects to management, and other important factions for business.

4. Quantum Applications. UnaWork integrates a hiring platform as well as the capacity to navigate to best talent available. It also uses quantum applications for team management and development.

5. Video and Meeting Integration. UnaWork holds all information under one platform. This means that meetings automatically connect through the hub, and also interlink to archives, documents, important projects, and other needed information.

6. Interlinking systems. UnaWork is often referred to as the “sibling site” of UnaHub. It provides an interlink back to UnaWork. Companies can share public documents directly into the information hub of choice. There’s also the capacity to use the commerce of UnaHub, then use the supply chain management system of UnaWork to offer faster responses from users.

These are some of the many features offered through UnaWork. It offers an integrative, all-inclusive network in conjunction with UnaHub.

The software system is now avaialble for investors and partners who are interested in bringing in the future of work.

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Joining the Future of Work

Go Virtual

UnaWork not only offers a sophisticated infrastructure to provide the inclusivity of remote work. There are also other factions which will assist with job creation and development.

1. Brand Ambassadors. A training and development program is being offered through UnaWork for those who wish to assist others to go virtual. This allows trained individuals to work as contractors to assist corporations and businesses to get online with UnaWork.  They will offer training and development to companies for user adaptation as well as provide support to integrate online activities.

2. New and Defined Business Models. UnaWork is interested in forward-thinking, innovative approaches that allow technology to transform our current state in society. Business models which incorporate new ways of working are being added as a part of the training and development, such as hybrid businesses and networking systems. As individuals use UnaWork, they will have the capacity to change their operations and management in relation to the use of technology.

3. Go Virtual. Currently released, Go Virtual is a series of courses which highlights how small businesses and individuals can begin to get online. Go Virtual is now available for those interested in building ther knowledge base surrounding the future of work.Take a Go Virtual Course.

Visitors to the UnaWork site are welcome to take the free webinar, highlighting the hybrid model and the ability to go into the future of work.

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