UnaGold’s Token Plan for Mass Adoption with Quantum Applications

With the launch of the UnaGold token, are unique applications designed to set the token apart from other cryptocurrencies. The applications available with the token as well as the development which it is destined to take offers a doorway to mass adoption and scalability of the token.

Multi-Layered Uses

Today’s use of cryptocurrency is based on the ability to exchange, with some who are looking at commerce interactions. However, the overall use of cryptocurrencies is limited in the ability to store, use and turn the interactions with exchanges.

By providing an interlinking platform, UnaGold is able to extend the available applications with the cryptocurrency, offering unique interactivity as well as different uses within the platform.

The digital value is similar to a “savings” or “holdings” account, providing the ability to offer valuable items in one storage space.

Purchase power extends with personal banks. These have multi-layered security with the quantum applications of the blockchain while offering more personal power to individuals. Unlike wallets, they provide more cryptocurrency management applications for those interested in security and interactivity within their accounts.

The basic level of the UnaGold token is with wallets, specifically which filters to the purchases and consumer exchanges.

Each of the layers within the UnaGold transactions provides more interactivity with the quantum applications, specifically which extends security with transactions as well as the ability to interact between the vault to wallet with not only UnaGold, but also with other forms of cryptocurrencies.

Inviting In Multiple Use Cryptocurrencies

While UnaGold token extends with the ability to remain decentralised, there are components which allow interactions to take place within a balanced equilibrium, specifically by looking at the institutions which can interact with the cryptocurrencies.

Vaults are available within the internetwork, divided with individual use as well as for institutional use. This provides wider, mass adoption while balancing between institutions and consumers. Government and banking bodies are able to use the cryptocurrencies for better use and for different components.

Our unique quantum applications invite different layers of security and interactions while creating anonymity with the use of the cryptocurrencies.

The Revolving Door

Those who use the UnaGold internetwork will have the capacity of using our revolving door. The interchange between FIAT and cryptocurrencies provides more interactivity between the different solutions.

Not only is there a wider application with the UnaGold internetwork for these applications, it also offers more components with mass adoption.

With the initial release of UnaGold’s platform, individuals will have access to use the token within the platform while trading within others.

More important, there is the ability to combine the blockchain applications with quantum uses, offering a different interchange with the token.

All token exchanges, trades and purchases are backed by the reserve fund in UnaHub, specifically maintaining 10% of all transactions that take place on the site. This safeguards the token, purchases and the potential threats which could occur.

Combining these interfaces with quantum applications assists with further development of the UnaGold token.