Why Quantum Blockchain Will Shape the Future

What makes the blockchain different will also be it’s ultimate failure. While the innovation continues to make headway, there are also falsifications of what the blockchain may bring… as well as it’s limitations.

Without certain answers to the issues of blockchain, there will be no future with the innovation. While the experimentation is bringing some results, there are gaps based on ways for individuals to connect, approaches to practicality and the functionality of the blockchain. Fragmentation is continuing to accelerate, while disbelievers continue to come to the forefront of the blockchain world.

Is the Blockchain Temporary?

With every innovation is a set of experiments, leading to the belief of whether something will work and integrate into society or not. With current blockchain initiatives, there are too many falsifications as well as projections that have little to follow through with in terms of users as well as practicality within the community.

Blockchain is not temporary. However, the experimentation and innovation requires a different approach to begin to build momentum and get users as a result.

What Innovation Needs…

We cannot have innovation without solving specific issues. The issues are not only to rebel against a system or to try experimentation for experimentation’s sake. It requires looking at the deeper issues that are a part of society.

Innovation requires:

  1. Functionality Must Be Practical. How will this change someone’s lives? Is it something which can be valued by an individual who is using the technology and how? If a user can’t integrate something into their lives, then we fall into innovation for the sake of ego, falling short of what users value or need.
  2. Challenging and Merging the Status Quo. Innovation always challenges systems that exist. This is because it is designed to create something better. More important than those challenges, innovation must also integrate into the status quo. 

What parts of the blockchain are working? They are the ones that are offering solutions to banks, governments and to the general community. There is a challenge to what exists, but more important, it gives solutions to make things better. This intention is different between every type of blockchain and alters how everyone functions. 

3. Using High-Quality Results. What happens when a prototype fails? After it has gained all the momentum and the results, it simply doesn’t work. This is the danger and the risk of innovation.

Most investors will look at the risk of innovation, creating the decision to hold back in becoming involved. But risk is lowered when there is a higher quality. There is proof in practicality and the need by using high-end, cutting-edge solutions.

The blockchain initiatives that are segmented, fragmented and don’t use the highest quality tactics are the ones which won’t last. Innovation isn’t about creating a product that can sell. It’s about creating a technical system that has state-of-the-art and cutting-edge solutions. This is what reduces the risk and leads to ultimate success of the technology.

Why a Quantum Blockchain

The development of a quantum blockchain solves these 3 issues. It targets practicality and user needs. It assists with the already evolved programs, while allowing disruption to merge with others. And, it looks at the future, the cutting edge formulas, that are designed to lead to success.

It is the quantum formula that answers the questions to the blockchain and pushes the fragile experimentation into a new level of functioning.

And, it is what allows the blockchain community to have the support and necessary resources to create something better… to evolve and allow our society to change… to have significance in how we use technology and what we use to integrate into who we are and what we are going to do.